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Arts & Culture

Director of the Arts & Culture Department 
Silvia Macrea.jpeg

Silvia Macrea Ph.D


  • to affirm the Romanian cultural values

  • positive publicity for Romania and Romanians

  • to present Romanian community through cultural events

  • to preserve Romanian language and culture

  • to mantain relations with Romanian artists living in the U.S.A. as well as Romania

  • to create a musical center which would contain: choirs, music bands, classical music singers, religious music, pop music, folk music and to create coreographic groups

  • to create a TV station consisting of various programs of Romanian culture and traditions


Arts and Folk Traditions:

  • to inform the youth about our rich legacy of Romanian culture through various exhibitions and events

  • to mantain Romanian traditions, promote new talents: wood and stone sculpture, pottery, sewing, glass and wood painting, folk music and dance, authors and comedians



  • information about how and where to pursue ways to use your musical talents



  • to preserve Romanian language by publishing poetry and other literature, organizing Romanian poetry contests and readings

  • to discover new talent through review of poetry and other forms of art literature

  • to open a Romanian library in the area


Architecture, Sculpture, and Painting:

  • to organize exhibitions to promote new talents



  • to inform the Romanian youth about Romanian history through articles and seminars



  • to participate in various sporting events organized by clubs in the area

  • to create soccer teams for all ages publicized in the newspapers and romanian TV and radio stations



  • artistic program for the First and Second Romanian Festival in Sacramento

  • artistic program for Romanian National Day (December 1st) where we had as guest speakers the Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ciorbea and California Secretary of State Bill Jones

  • artistic program for the visit of the Romanian Ambassador in Washington, Sorin Ducaru and Mrs. Dana Beldiman-Stanculescu, Honorary Consul in San Francisco


Art & Folk Culture:

Viorica Elena Onut

Ciprian Cocalia

Iuliana Rusu



Denis Socolean

Ionel Budac

Adrian Ciontos



Alina Jar

Emil Radu

Lucian Stan

Architecture, Painting & Sculpture:

Aurel Onut

Traian Iosif



Alexandru Crisan

Marius Petraru



Abigaila Budac 

Dan Filip

Ion Nicorici

George Muntean

Location Address:

5306 Walnut Ave., Building A, Sacramento, CA 95841


Mailing Address:

Romanian Community Center of Sacramento

PO BOX 2182, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2182



(916) 604-8482



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