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Events & Entertainment

Director of the Events & Entertainment Department

Alexandru Mihu

The Events & Entertainment Department plays a pivotal role in orchestrating a diverse range of cultural events, shows, and concerts throughout the year. This department is the heart of cultural celebration, bringing together local and international talents to showcase the richness of Romanian culture and arts.

Main Goals:

  • Event Planning and Coordination: Organizing a variety of cultural events and entertainment activities.

  • Artist Engagement: Collaborating with both local and international artists for diverse performances.

  • Cultural Representation: Ensuring events reflect and celebrate the essence of Romanian culture.

  • Community Involvement: Encouraging community participation and attendance at events.


For more information regarding specific events, please visit the Romanian Community Center of Sacramento Facebook Page.



Iuliana Rusu

Ciprian Cocalia

Location Address:

5306 Walnut Ave., Building A, Sacramento, CA 95841


Mailing Address:

Romanian Community Center of Sacramento

PO BOX 2182, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2182



(916) 604-8482



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