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Youth Program

Directors of the Youth Program Department

 Athena Budac, Esq.

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Andreea Muresan

The Youth Program Department at the Romanian Community Center of Sacramento is focused on engaging Romanian-American youth in their cultural heritage. This department aligns its goals and activities with the mission of fostering a strong sense of identity and community among young individuals.

The Youth Program Department provides a nurturing environment for cultural education and social interaction, encouraging young Romanian-Americans to explore and embrace their heritage.

Main Goals:

  • Cultural Education: Teaching Romanian history, traditions, and language.

  • Social Events: Hosting activities with Romanian cultural elements.

  • Cultural Trips: Organizing trips to Romania for immersive experiences.

  • Contemporary Culture Awareness: Keeping youth informed about current Romanian cultural trends.

  • Community Networking: Connecting with Romanian-American student organizations.


Location Address:

5306 Walnut Ave., Building A, Sacramento, CA 95841


Mailing Address:

Romanian Community Center of Sacramento

PO BOX 2182, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2182



(916) 604-8482



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