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Our Mission

Our Mission 


The following are the purposes for which this Association has been formed:

  • to affirm the cultural Romanian values.

  • to present specific Romanian issues in front of the Sacramento authorities.

  • to open up communication between Romanians in Sacramento as well as with other similar organizations within USA.

  • to advise and aid the new comers in the area.

  • to teach Romanian language and culture among the young people.

  • to organize and support a Romanian newspaper, radio and TV programs for the Sacramento area.

  • to develop different community programs ( kindergarten, elderly care, nutritional programs, translation assistance, job search and career assistance, food and clothing collections and distribution to the needy, legal aid, counseling, library, etc.)

  • to provide information regarding the Romanian communities as well as information about local and federal governments of USA and Romania.


Our Goal


  • Unification and organization of Romanian people in the region

  • Participation in cultural events, such as concerts picnics and more

  • Provide help and guidance to new members seeking to start their life in USA

  • The organization of business resources for mutual benefits

Location Address:

5306 Walnut Ave., Building A, Sacramento, CA 95841


Mailing Address:

Romanian Community Center of Sacramento

PO BOX 2182, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2182



(916) 604-8482



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