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Education & Science

Directors of the Education & Science Department

Ruxandra Vidu, PhD.

 Joanna Groza, Ph.D.


Our goal is to develop a program that informs, trains and promotes the members in the Romaninan Community of Sacramento by organizing seminars, symposiums and scientific presentations. 


The Evening Star Project:

[Under Construction]




  • Kindergarden, Elementary and High School

  • How to choose the best school for our kids?

  • Where to find information about the school system

  • Which are the requirements of the educational system in California?

  • How to became a teacher in California?


Library: free information resource

  • What books are our children reading?


Higher education systems in California: College or University?

  • University of California

  • California State University

  • California Community College

  • Private Colleges and Universities


Professional preparation: Law and Medical Schools

  • Graduate and postgraduate education


Financial aid for students

  • For students: where to find financial resources/programs, what are the requirements

  • For parents: savings accounts for college, methods of investment, and the tax benefits

Location Address:

5306 Walnut Ave., Building A, Sacramento, CA 95841


Mailing Address:

Romanian Community Center of Sacramento

PO BOX 2182, Citrus Heights, CA 95611-2182



(916) 604-8482



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